I pride myself in providing only the best experience, the best designs and the best results. Please contact K Sky Design today about your vision. I look forward to working with you, and building something amazing together!

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We're seeing fantastic results helping people with the following:

  • Brand Development

  • Package Design

  • Illustration

  • Direct Mail

  • Brochures

  • Brand Development

  • Package Design

  • Illustrations

  • Direct Mail

  • Brochures

Welcome to K Sky Design

Hi, I'm Kathleen Beck. As an NJ native and an award-winning graphic designer and fine artist with over 17 years of experience, I have developed logo branding and marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. K Sky Design is capable of fulfilling all of your businesses' creative and marketing needs with fast, affordable, quality designs and one-on-one service.


Kathleen Beck, Graphic Designer

  • The Better Path

    I know what it takes to bring you the best graphic design in Toms River NJ solutions for your business by striving to create dynamic, eye-catching designs as well as generating trackable responses and creating brand awareness. I pride myself on providing only the best experience, the best designs, and the best results. I'll work one-on-one with you and your team to create a finished product that portrays your company’s philosophy and will speak to your demographics clearly.

    Please contact K Sky Design today about your vision. I look forward to working with you, and building something amazing together!

  • Graphic Design Services in Toms River NJ

    • Logo Design & Brand Development
    • Business Card & Stationary Packages
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Postcards & Direct Mail
    • Pocket Folders & Inserts
    • Catalogs
    • Wedding & Special Event Invitations
    • Package Design

    • T-Shirt & Apparel Design
    • Customized Promotional Products
    • Vehicle Wraps & Decals
    • Billboards
    • Trade Show Displays
    • POP/Event-Based Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Illustration/Fine Art Services

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Logo Design

Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Diane-Turton-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Plush-Drunk-Love-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Arnolds-Plumbing-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-Always-Sparkling-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-WCK-Naturals-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Yellow-Dog-Sailing-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-The-Leftovers-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Sea-Glow-Counseling-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-PPANJ-Logo-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Messina-Son-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Sawg-and-Wag-Pet-Sitting-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-M2-Technology-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Lori-Rudolph-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Manchester-Township-Schools-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Lima-Family-Farms-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Living-Water-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Lilyberry-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Jersey-Woodfired-Pizza-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Frank-Luccarelli-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Eat-My-Cupcake-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Dr-Nagy-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-In-Good-Paws-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Barnegat-Shield-Logo Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Boulder-Logo

Print Design

Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-YPDC-Ad-4 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-YPDC-Postcard Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-YPDC-Ad-3 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-XE-Brochure-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-XE-Brochure-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-WS-Billboard-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-WS-Billboard-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-UE-Postcard Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-UE-Flyer Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-UE-Ad Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TSC-Flyer Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TYC-Billboard Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TSC-Brochure Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TFS-Letterhead Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TRG-Ad Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-TAC-Ad Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-T-Flyer-scaled Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Newsletter Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Mailer Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Billboard Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Ad-3 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Ad-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-SS-Ad-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-PH-Ad-4


Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Bat-Mitzvah-Welcome-Card Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Bat-Mitzvah-Save-The-Date Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Bat-Mitzvah Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Baby-Shower-Invitation-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Baby-Shower-Invitation-3 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Baby-Shower-Invitation-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Announcement-Invitation-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Announcement-Invitation-2 Communion-Invitation-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Anniversary-Invitation-1 Bridal-Shower-Invitation-2 Bridal-Shower-Invitation-1 Birthday-Invitation-10 Birthday-Invitation-9 Birthday-Invitation-8 Birthday-Invitation-7 Birthday-Invitation-6 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Wedding-Invitation-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Wedding-Invitation-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Party-Invitation-1 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Birthday-Invitation-5 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Birthday-Invitation-2 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Birthday-Invitation-4 Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-Birthday-Invitation-1


Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2007-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2013-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2012-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Thanksgiving-1-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Thanksgiving-2-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Summer-3-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Summer-1-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Summer-2-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2011-4-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2011-1-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2011-3-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2011-2-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2010-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2007-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-FB-Christmas-2009-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2022-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2021-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2020-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2018-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2019-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2017-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2015-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2016-Fine-Art-Illustrations Graphic-Design-Toms-River-NJ-K-Sky-Design-NSV-2014-Fine-Art-Illustrations


"Kathleen has done an excellent job on designs for our small business. Her work is meticulous as well as detailed. I absolutely recommend her services!" - Shima Montano, owner, Loxahatchee, FL


"There are not enough words to describe the professionalism and artistic beauty that Kathleen at K Sky Design delivered to our event. She not only made our daughter's bat mitzvah special from the first meeting until the final thank you note, but everything in between was thoughtfully approached with our daughter and our vision of fun, cool, and love in mind. Let the pictures do the talking and you'll see that K Sky Design should be your first choice for all of your event design needs - I know she will be for all of mine!" - Holly Warner, Barnegat NJ


"I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen at K sky design. She helped me create my logo. She took my vision and nailed it. Kathleen has gone above and beyond to help me through out the whole process of branding my business from helping with business cards to flyers to koozies and much more! I cannot thank her enough for her time and patience. She had everything done in a timely manner, her work is top notch and I cannot express how pleased I am with her help and work. Thank you so much Kathleen!" - Jennifer Ludewig, owner, Barnegat, NJ

Complete Wellness Spas

"Thank God for K Sky Design, a.k.a. Kathleen! She was recommended to us by a mutual friend and we are forever grateful. We thought we only needed our logo redesigned but when Kathleen took the time to speak with me over the phone to get my feelings on such a personal project, I knew our relationship needed to evolve into something different. The logo came out exactly as we envisioned! I met with Kathleen in person to go over some other ideas for our business. Kathleen is amazingly talented and authentic. It was as if Kathleen was able to create the brand we had imagined straight from our brains but we didn't have the talent to do it and I think she is the only one that does.

She took the time to listen to every single detail, no matter how small it may have seemed, and executed not only our logo but a full branding package, flawlessly. We now work with Kathleen daily on everything related to our branding. She has crushed every single project and has catapulted our business to the next level! We are so thankful for Kathleen and her talent expertise and beautiful disposition. We could be having the worst and most hectic day and she is our constant ray of positivity. If you are looking for the best in this business you have come to the right place. There is no one out there that can do it better. Kathleen is the real deal and more." - Jessica Collins, Owner, Galloway, NJ

Siam Spice Thai Cuisine

"Bravo to K Sky Design for all of your help finding Siam Spice the perfect location for our billboard, and also the graphics that you designed. In only 3 weeks, we have welcomed many new customers who found us because of your promotion. You never stopped working until we achieved the results we needed and it's gratifying to work with a company who is dedicated to our success as much we are! We look forward to working with you and will make K Sky Design a part of our future promotions as we expand our business. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism." - Brandon Bencivenga, Toms River, NJ

South Street Seaport

"I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Kathleen for numerous years in my role of delivering retail ad concepts to many local and national clients. Kathleen is a wonderful communicator and an extremely talented professional in every sense of the word. She is able to take rough concepts and deliver creative, artistic, and unique solutions every time. She’s a great listener and will problem-solve a visual or technical issue until the finished result is exactly to your specifications. She will not only do whatever it takes to get you your job on time but will deliver a product that you will be delighted with. Anyone working with Kathleen will have a fantastic experience." - Tom Davidson, SVM, ISP Retail Services Manager, The Howard Hughes Corporation

Forzani Family Chiropractic Center

"Kathleen Beck of K Sky Design has the most amazing energy and talent. Recently, she gave my business cards a new and exciting image. Since the inception of this new logo and beautiful card design, my business has exploded. I am so happy and proud to hand out my cards. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Kathleen for all of the help she’s given me. Her creativity and talent have been instrumental in our company’s success and have been invaluable to me personally. Kathleen is “the best of the best”! Thank you!" - Dr. Lisa A. Forzani, DC, Wall Township, NJ

Certified Life Coach Stand For Strength

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Kathleen from K Sky Design. She is very passionate about what she does and it shows in her work. Besides the fact that she is amazingly talented she ALWAYS goes above and beyond to take care of her clients. I would recommend her to anyone! I look forward to working with her further to help me keep growing my company!" - Bill Depierro

Lynn's Absolute Wireless

"I am so happy I've found Kathleen from K Sky Design who has created many new projects for my business. Whether big or small, she shows the same passion and dedication to each creation. Recently Kathleen designed a whole new marketing concept for my business and sales have increased over 40%! Even my customers are complimenting me on the flyers and letters they are receiving in the mail. I tell them they are from K Sky Design." - Lynn Ferry, Owner - Wall Township, NJ

K Sky Design

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